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Anna, customer experience manager, newspaper group

"Are my readers happy?"

Anna needed to find out the attitudes of advertisers on the group's websites and digital media. We conducted a large-scale online test and analysed the results, producing deep insights into the benefits advertisers were getting from exposure to website readers. We discovered new trends in advertiser strategy and were able to provide Anna with advance warning of likely changes in the types of ad inventory that companies wanted to buy.

Jennifer, head of direct marketing, national charity

"How can we increase donations?"

We carried out a large-scale online experiment for Jennifer, using behavioural economics to design new ways to ask for donations and testing consumer response to verbal, image and price cues. We recommended six new ways to ask for money in the charity's quarterly mailshot, resulting in a 10% increase in donations and new income for the charity of £4m/year.

Thierry, commercial director, engineering group

"Are our clients happy with our performance?"

Thierry's primary role is to develop relationships with existing clients in order to increase sales volumes. Our expert consultants met face-to-face and by telephone with senior management, up to CEO level, of their multinational clients in order to carry out depth interviews about their attitude to Thierry's company. We discovered a willingness in many clients to be approached with new product offerings and have unlocked potentially £200 million of new sales.

David, director of research, magazine group

"Could I be raising my prices more?"

David's board asked him to find out whether the cover price of their magazines could be increased, and by how much. We conducted behavioural experiments and online price elasticity testing, determined that prices could go up by 30% provided the right tactics were used to introduce the new price, and provided a detailed toolkit and manual for commercial managers of each title giving the strategy for the price increase. Pricing psychology was essential to this result.

These are just a few examples of how we've used behavioural economics and scientific psychology to help our clients create more value for their customers, and earn more income for themselves. Find out more about:

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